On November 22 and 23 at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-kan. The theme is “HALAL FOR ALL”. Inbound service provider in Japan and Halal-related companies from all over the world will assemble in Asakusa.


Result Report

HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 has ended. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all visitors and supporters.

Number of Visitors 6698 people (first day: 2711 people, second day: 3987 people)
Number of booths 116 booths (including 24 foreign exhibitors’ booths)
Number of Nations of Foreign Exhibitors 6 nations
Number of Supporters 44 organizations
Number of Participants of Seminars 747 people
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The Recipe Book of Live Cooking (PDF)

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Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2016


Name HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 -Halal for All-
Not only business visitors but also everyone can participate this event.
Date November 22 (Tue) and 23 (Wed, Public holiday), 2016
Opening Ceremony: 9:45 a.m., 22nd (Tue)
Venue Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-kan
2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033, Japan
Organizer HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 Organizing Committee
Sponsor MBIC Life Co., Ltd., ADF Co., Ltd.
Supporter Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Kinki District Transport Bureau (Local Branch of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), Taito City, Tochigi Prefecture, Chiba City, Sano City, Beppu City, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SANKEI SHIMBUN Co., Ltd., et al. Total 44 organizations List
Special Supporter HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 Advisory Board (consists of Halal Certificate Bodies in Japan and Overseas)
Fashion Show Partner Moslema in Style (Malaysia)
Special Supporter for Reception Party JAPAN SYSTEM INTEGRATION RESEARCH Co., Ltd. (SEKAI CAFE), TOKYO TOKUYAMA BUSSANN CO., LTD. (Yakiniku Panga), W.M.Japan Co., Ltd. (Naritaya), Daimura Co., Ltd. (Sushiken), Vision Share inc. (Kaemon)
Overseas Partner ATIYA MEDIA, Gaya Magazine (Malaysia), DEKA ADIGUNA (Indonesia), Halal Showcase In Europe Exhibition and Conference, Halal Incorp (UK)
Special Program Entire Asakusa city becomes HALAL exhibition venue!
“Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2016”, the first Muslim fashion show in Japan, Singaporean chef’s live cooking, seminars related to Halal and Muslim tourism, stamp rally, etc.
Background and Purpose

HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 includes Trade Fair of Halal products and services from domestic and overseas, and Seminars featuring domestic and international corporate stakeholders, Halal Experts, local governments, and etc. under the theme of “Halal for All”.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan reached nearly 20 million in 2015 and the resulting economic effect is attracting a great deal of attention. The number of tourists from Southeast Asian countries and visitors from the predominantly Muslim countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, in particular, is increasing significantly due to relaxed visa requirements, and numbers are expected to be bolstered further from the growing middle class in both countries.

At the same time Japanese companies of foods and service providers are becoming more interested in the Islamic countries as both inbound and outbound markets. In fact some food suppliers challenged export opportunities to the Islamic countries and also interested in the Halal markets that is rapidly growing in Japan.

HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 aims to contribute to the development of Halal environment and the cultivation of Islamic markets by both domestic and international companies.

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