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Number of booths: 1
Name of booth: Iridge Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

With the vision “to continuously create new value in the world through the Internet”, we support enterprises’ marketing activities utilizing smart phones.We provide O2O solution (popinfo), planning and development of O2O phone application, O2O marketing plan/operation support, and has the industry’s top class record in the field of location-based services for O2O and smartphones.

Contact Details on the Exhibition

Head office: 10F CR Kamiya-cho Bldg, 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0041
Person in charge: Tomohide Uchida

Message to Visitors

This is a service that has been adopted by many enterprises, especially by F&B and retail shops to communicate with their customers. Please come by our booths!

Exhibit Product/Service

Location-based Push Notification (pop info)


Feature: “Popinfo” is a service that allows you to distribute the information you want to tell on the standby screen of a smartphone via a pop-up. Just by incorporating it in the smartphone application, it is possible to distribute information according to user’s location information (GPS / Wi-Fi / iBeacon / Bluetooth), attributes and time. As an O2O (online two-off line) solution that promotes mutual collaboration between online (Internet/Phone App) and offline (real store) by exerting a great effect on guiding users who are close to the store and online users to a real store. It has been introduced to retailers and commercial facilities. By utilizing it as a communication tool, we are reaching out to a wide range of industries, we also correspond to foreign languages, and have started to expand overseas.

Halal certification: No
Sales target (domestic): Nationwide
Already exported: Yes / Hong Kong, Taiwan etc
Conditions of quantity: Negotiable