No. 428
Number of booths: group exhibit
Name of booth: Tokushima Export Promotion Network for Agriclture Fisheries and Processed Food Production

Company Profile

We founded this company with cattle farmers in Tokushima Prefecture in February 2015. We cover all process of raising, dismantling, and processing beef cattles. We wholesale our products to meat retailers and restaurants as well as export to other countries.

Contact Details on the Exhibition

Head office: 890-3 Ashiro, Higashimiyoshi-cho, Miyoshi-gun, Tokushima, 771-2502
Person in charge: Toshimitsu Nakatani
Contact: 0883-76-5055

Message to Visitors

Aiming at expanding our high quality Japanese beef processed in proper hygienic way to all over the world, we finally established new halal-certified facilities that combines farmlands and processing facilities in March 2016. We are going to expand our products not only in domestic market but also export to other countries.

Exhibit Product/Service



Feature: We provide high-quality Japanese beef.C9
Halal certification: Yes / MPJA(Expected to obtain in September 2016)
Sales target (domestic): Nationwide
Sales target (overseas): Mainly Indonesia, All countries
Already exported: No
Conditions of quantity: Negotiable
Retail price (domestic): Under consideration
Wholesale price (domestic): Depending on negotiation
FOB price (overseas):