No. 416
Number of booths: 1
Name of booth: ADF Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

We are a aluminum system pipe manufacturer. Even for only one article, we provide custom-made production for items that does not exist off-the-shelf in the world.

Contact Details on the Exhibition

Head office: 1-1-12 Fukumachi, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 555-0034
Person in charge: Satoshi Shimamoto
Contact: 06-6474-9995

Message to Visitors

In the process of production of halal certified products, we introduce you the “container for halal raw ingredients” for the purpose of dividing the halal raw materials and other raw materials. In the future, as demand for halal certified products increases, the green panel BOX will help to divide the raw ingredients and make it very obvious to the eye, for businesses that are responsible for halal food production. There are no other similar products that are available, and this matches the demand and trend perfectly. We can custom make your specific choice of size even with one order only. We also offer the “Portable prayer room” which is available at the expo venue. As Japan moves towards internationalization with Olympics in 2020 approaching, Japan could practice good hospitality to cultures and religions of different kinds. We recognise the need for our “prayer room” that can be assembled anytime and everywhere. It is unique and is not available elsewhere.