No. 401 / 408
Number of booths: group exhibit
Name of booth: Tatsuya Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

This is a Kobe-beef specialty store established in Kobe with 110 years of history. In year 2015, we began to provide Halal Kobe beef.

Contact Details on the Exhibition

Head office: 1-13-19 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0022
Person in charge: Lee Chung-ho
Contact: 090-9708-0776

Message to Visitors

In year 2015, we began to provide Halal Kobe beef. Through the Islamic Centre Japan’s halal certification, the beef is processed in the slaughter house with ESMA halal certification from the UAE government. Besides exporting it to UAE, we also handle orders from customers from Singapore who buy them back as souvenirs.

Exhibit Product/Service

Halal Kobe Beef


Feature: The only Kobe beef in the world that has halal certification. Don’t you want to show the hospitality of Muslims with Kobe beef, which is recognised worldwide for its taste and quality? We also handle exports to UAE and souvenirs for Singapore customers (up to 5kg).

Halal certification: Yes / Islamic Centre Japan ・ UAE Government ESMA
Sales target (domestic): Nationwide
Sales target (overseas): UAE・Singapore
Already exported: Yes / UAE ※Track record for Kobe beef
Conditions of quantity: Negotiable
Retail price (domestic): JPY500-JPY7,000 per 100g
Wholesale price (domestic): same as above. Discount for delivery for Bulk delivery
FOB price (overseas): 1 cow for JPY10,000 per kg(by weight) + expenses JPY1,000 per kg