No. 409
Number of booths: 1
Name of booth: IMT Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Established on 25 Oct 2015, we do production and sales of ramen at “Ganso Ibusuki Ramen (Second Generation)” and sales of new specialty product “Katsu Bushi Ramen”

Contact Details on the Exhibition

Head office: 412-4 Ju-cho, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima, 891-0402
Person in charge: Satomi Nishimura
Contact: 090-7710-9796

Message to Visitors

“Washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine has been added to UNESCO`s Intangible Culture Heritage list. Let us taste “Katsuboshi), “ktsioboshishi”

Exhibit Product/Service

Katsu Bushi Non-animal,Non,alcohol))


Feature: This is a tasty soy sauce ramen that is topped with Hongarebushi, the highest grade of katsuobushi bonito flakes that are not easily obtainable. Plenty of Hongarebushi from Japan No.1 Production location Kangoshima Prefecture’s Ibusuki city. Yamakawa is used, making the product stand out with its high quality flavor, taste aroma. It is a taste loved by all.The luxury of Hongarebushi is repressented by the gold packing.

Halal certification: No
Sales target (domestic): Nationwide
Sales target (overseas):
Already exported: No
Conditions of quantity: Negotiable
Retail price (domestic): Under consideration
Wholesale price (domestic): Under consideration
FOB price (overseas): Under consideration